Rear Glass Hatch Switch Replacement

Yesterday when pulling out of a petrol station my rear glass hatch release activated and the luggage cover retracted. At the time I thought maybe I just hadn't closed it properly but it happened again later in the day. After a bit of research on BMW Land I discovered this was a common problem and either meant a problem with the wiring or more likely, the hatch switch. Since the new switch was reasonably priced, and was the most likely cause, I decided to replace it.

It took about 15 minutes to remove the old switch and refit the new one. There are some picture below. Note that some older cars might have difficulty removing the old switch due to corrosion between the aluminium collar of the old switch and the wiper spindle. Use penetrating fluid and don't force it or you may shatter the glass hatch. I had no such problems though and it was an easy fix. All working well now after more than a week.

Parts & Costs:

  • 1 x Key button (p/n = £31.86