Dashcam Fitted

After witnessing one too many examples of terrible driving on my travels and with the ever-present risk of crash-for-cash scams, I decided to fit a dash cam to my car. Some research revealed the dod-tech LS460W as a good quality camera with all the features I was looking for.

It is fitted to the windscreen just between the rear view mirror and the screen itself and from the driver's seat is partially obscured (intentionally) buy the mirror. So it doesn't distract and it doesn't obscure the view of the road which is obviously important but it gets a good view of the road ahead and to the sides. It's connected to a USB power cable which runs down the A-pillar into the glovebox where it gets fed from a permanent 12V source.

I've got plenty of examples of bad driving but perhaps this one is one of the more ironic... This was filmed not long after the new tailgating laws were brought into effect and shows a "safety camera" van barely a car's length behind another vehicle at around 60MPH. As the saying goes, "Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule..."