Review Of ToDo List

Made a list of things still to do with the chassis:

  1. Fuel tank support straps
  2. Spare wheel support strap
  3. Roll bar rear corner plates
  4. Suspension turret end plates
  5. Braces from tubes 'M' to tubes 'K' to brace the trailing arms mounts better
  6. Extra two front diff mountings
  7. Seat mounting tubes on floor
  8. Seat back extra triangulation in centre above diff
  9. Handbrake mountings
  10. Tunnel spars - One behind gearlever and one near handbrake
  11. Footwell end plates
  12. Tunnel side plates
  13. Tunnel top plate
  14. Triangulation tubes at front near engine mounts and top rear wishbones mounts
  15. Close tops of trailing arm mountings (May leave open or removable for access)
  16. Front wishbone - lower rear mountings to be strengthened
  17. Plate to be added at front of chassis between tubes LD and E
  18. Close ends of all tubes (6x1" and 2x3/4")
  19. Tunnel floor - small triangulation tubes needed where front and middle tunnel sections join
  20. Steering rack mountings
  21. Radiator mountings
  22. Steering column mountings
  23. Pedal mountings
  24. Brake master cylinder mountings
  25. Clutch master cylinder mountings
  26. Scuttle assembly (Removable but brackets need welded to chassis)
  27. Various other little brackets and fixings for bodywork, brake systems etc
  28. Seat belt anchorage plates and welded nuts

As you can see there is much to do. It is worth making a list like this from time to time otherwise you tend to start messing about aimlessly rather than working systematically through a list of "chores" like this.

From the list I have completed 1,2,4,5 and 6 today. Here are some pictures to prove it:


Extra tube welded to brace tube M against tube K3/4. This was done to remove the reliance on the weld strength between tube M and tube K1/2.

Extra diff brackets welded in place (please excuse the very spattery welds - I didn't clean the weld sites properly beforehand as I couldn't use the grinder so late at night...shhhh!) It's also CO2 that I'm using so it's a bit spattery anyway.

End cover on the suspension turret. This is 3mm plate for extra strength. I felt that it was important to retain tubes W1 and W2 at the top here as otherwise in the event of a rear corner shunt, the tube might break away and go straight through the back of my head!!

Fuel tank supports and spare wheel support. I'm not sure if I'll carry a spare wheel or not but it makes sense to add the support anyway just in case.

That's it for this weekend, hopefully I will continue with my list during the coming week.