Rear Panel & Seat Harnesses

Rear panel attached at offside. Nearside still to complete once I move the car over a bit.

Harness upper mountings. The mountings are at just the right height to avoid the seat harness slots deflecting the harness which is important for SVA.

More view of the rear panel. I'm not too happy with the way I had to "V" cut around the curve although it looks worse with the black vinyl coating on than it does with the bare aluminium. I have pretty much decided to paint the aluminium anyway so I'm not too concerned. Another option is to fit a trim around the top edge which I think many people do anyway.

Here's another view of the Cobra Roadster 7 seat and Sabelt harnesses. I think they look dead smart! Well chuffed!

More views of the seats. They are very comfy and the harnesses hold you in brilliantly. Just as well because there is not much to stop you falling out otherwise!!

Second pic is showing the aluminium plate fitted to the area just in front of the scuttle where the battery will be fitted

Front suspension is all assembled ready for the engine to be refitted. I'll attach the front section of the side panels once the engine is in and the exhaust position is determined.

In case anyone is interested, these are the products I have been using to attach my panels. Polyflex-15 LM polyurethane structural adhesive (wear gloves btw as it is very hard to remove) and Polygrip rivets. These are very good and when the stem breaks it leaves the rivet sealed. They have a very wide grip range so can be used with different thicknesses of material.