SVA ToDo List

Just a quick update with my latest ToDo list:

  1. Complete GRP nosecone. Area below grill was never bridged when I widened it. (Completed 07/03/09)

  2. Fabricate and fit front grill. (Completed 07/03/09)

  3. Seal bonnet to nosecone and scuttle with some sort of foam or rubber seal.

  4. Fabricate transmission tunnel top and pad with foam and cover with vinyl.

  5. Pad under dash chassis tubes with pipe insulation foam.

  6. Radius carbs and filters to pass SVA (Completed 07/02/09)

  7. Secure radiator bottom hose. (Completed 21/02/09)

  8. Secure oil cooler hoses. (Completed 07/02/09)

  9. Calibrate speedo.

  10. Fill fuel tank and hope it doesn’t leak.

  11. Gearbox oil change.

  12. Diff oil change. (Couldn’t get filler plug out so just topped up with 200ml oil via vent) (Completed 07/02/09)

  13. Drill 3 holes in thermostat to assist with self bleeding. (Completed 01/03/09)

  14. Install bleed valve into radiator top hose. (Completed 01/03/09)

  15. Fit crankcase breather oil catch tank of some sort. (Completed 02/03/09)

  16. Engine bay bolts - torque.

  17. Secure rear luggage bay hatch. Intending to use a vending machine lock.

  18. Wire up indicator side repeaters. (80% complete)

  19. Tidy routing of battery positive cables.

  20. Complete vinyl covering on luggage bay cover corners. One side still to do. (Completed 07/02/09)

  21. Paint all bodywork GRP parts. Polish aluminium parts.

  22. Right hand front spring needs base covered in self-amalgamating tape. (Completed 07/02/09)

  23. Fit bonnet vents. Not required for SVA but should help cooling of engine bay.

  24. Rotate headlights by 15 degrees to provide for required “kick-up” to left. My headlights were sourced from GTS Tuning and unfortunately are not SVA compliant. This modification might get them past SVA if I get an understanding inspector... (Completed 07/02/09)

As you can see above, I managed to complete 6 of 24 items today so not too bad. I hope to get a few hours at it again tomorrow so stay tuned...