Headlights and Indicators Fitted

Since my last update I have been working on a few aspects of the car. Most recently I have fabricated headlamp mounting brackets on which to mount my GTS Tuning supplied headlamps and indicator housings. These appear to position the lamps to suit SVA regulations and also to avoid hitting the suspension, wheel or cycle wings on full steering lock. I have just this evening wired up one of the front lamp clusters and it works perfectly!

Here are some photos of the progress so far

Other things I've been working on are the handbrake, which now works, and detailed fitting of the rear arches. 

The handbrake balance bar has been roughly put together and some guide tubes welded in to capture the outer cable and guide the cables away from the hydraulic and fuel lines near the top of the diff.

The rear arches didn't initially fit very well and needed some body filler to be used to close the gap whilst still using tadpole trim to allow the arches to be removed easily. This has now been done on the offside arch and I am fairly happy with the result.

Finally I have borrowed a fuel tank from a fellow Locoster which has been specifically shaped to fit around the panhard rod on a de-dion axled car. The panhard rod on a de-dion car is usually farther back and will foul a standard tank. The tank is made from stainless steel and is a prototype for the tank which I am about to buy.