Headlights Working - Beam Pattern

Both headlights have now been wired up and are working perfectly. The only concern I have is whether the dip beam pattern of these headlight is compatible with the requirements of the Single Vehicle Approval test. Here are some pictures showing the beam pattern in dip and main beam.

Update: What I ended up doing was rotating the lens within the housing to give the 15 degree kick up at the left side as required for MOT beam testing. This was accepted at SVA and has passed a couple of MOT's since. Interestingly, I don't think I've actually driven the car at night so I've no idea how effective the lights actually are in practice. 

Rear Lights Fitted

Due to some half decent weather at the weekend I managed to get the car out of the garage to give me access to the nearside wheel arch. The wheel arch has now been fitted as has the light cluster on the arch. I got carried away and ended up fitting the rear fog light and reversing light as well as the numberplate light and numberplate. The plate isn't for the Locost obviously but is a standard size and allowed me to drill out the fixings and set the position of the numberplate light.

Here is a photo of the progress so far