April 2004 Update

I've not been updating the website but I have been busy trying to finish off all the little bits and pieces which are preventing me from painting the chassis and/or getting the engine started. The main problem with starting the engine is with the exhaust silencers as it is too noisy to start it without silencers. I had been debating whether to build or buy but opted in the end to buy a pair of Jetex Turbex silencers from Demon Tweeks. These are 625mm long and 125mm diameter with a 3" pipe bore. The pipe is bigger than I wanted (3" instead of 2") but I'll just step the pipe up from 2" to 3" where it enters the silencer. Hopefully this will help by slowing the exhaust gas down and allowing the silencers to do a more effective job. No I'm not convinced either...

Click images below for high-res and description

A few other things to report:

I've ordered my bodywork kit from GTS Tuning. This will be a seven piece kit comprising the Bonnet, nosecone, scuttle, rear arches and front arches. Unfortunately I will need to cut the first three bits in half and widen them by 4 inches each to fit my chassis which is a shame as the quality of GTS fibreglass bits are said to be second to none! I must also give a mention to Darren George and Mark Bean from GTS who seem to be highly committed, very friendly and happy to give up their evenings to advise on and sell car bits. I called Darren at about 9:30pm the other night to order my GRP bits and caught him in Marks and Spencers getting his dinner! Despite my offer to call back another time he was happy to talk and emailed me later that night with the information I was needing. Top blokes!!

I've also ordered my aluminium sheeting, from Aalco in Cambuslang, which will be used to panel the sides and rear of the car as well as the seatback and tunnel sides and top.

I also received a bunch of bits from MAC#1 Motorsports including a set of 4 point seat harnesses (Sabelt Clubman) in blue with bolted mounts and pushbutton release. These are great value at £80 inc vat for a pair. A fellow builder Paul Gooderman has made me up a set of mountings which should fit through the crosstube in my rollbar and which are threaded with 7/16UNF threads to match the harness bolts. Thanks again Paul!

Other things I got from MAC#1 are a roll of brake pipe £6.99 for 25ft and various pipe clips and spiralwrap etc. I would highly recommend them as they seem very happy to give advice and you don't get the impression that they are trying to get you off the phone as quick as possible as you often do with some other retailers. Their prices are also good and delivery was prompt.

That's all for now, I'll post some more pics once my bodywork parts arrive and once the chassis painting is completed.


March 2004 Update

Not as much progress this past month as hoped due to problems with my road car. I had to replace the fuel tank, rebuild the brakes and replace the exhaust front pipes. Now that is done we can get on with the Locost!

My main aim at present is to finalise all the welding on the chassis so that I can strip it down one last time and prepare and paint it. Despite a fairly dry garage which is aired regularly with my little fan heater, the chassis is developing some surface rust and I am keen to get some paint on it before it starts to pit. Once the chassis is painted I can begin the final assembly along with all the panelling and fibreglass work.

I have made a long list (98 points) of work which needs to be done, I'll maybe categorise the list and display it here later but for now I'm too busy trying to reduce it a bit. I listed all the work items into a dictaphone and then wrote it up later. A dictaphone is a very handy little tool to use for this sort of thing and I'd recommend it as an easy way of recording information (measurements etc) when you are in the garage which can then be referred to later without forgetting anything.

Anyway, recent progress includes the lower four seat belt anchorages, completion of the steering rack mountings and some progress with the design and assembly of my pedal box. I have also now sourced a new set of Cobra seat runners to use on the passenger's side. The rollbar components are also now fully welded

Here are some photo's of the pedal box from various angles.