Happy New Year!

Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year and make the usual appologies for not updating the site for 6 weeks...

I have been busy though and here is a pictorial summary of recent progress. Click the thumbnails to zoom in and see narrative.

Well that's it for now. More to follow.


Rolling Chassis

Fitted the shock/spring units so the car is now freestanding and thus I now techically have a rolling chassis!! Hooray!! Okay so it's perhaps not quite what most of us consider to be a rolling chassis but it is a chassis and it is rolling so there... :-p

Here are some close-ups on the spring units and how I have fitted them to the chassis. They do look nice don't they? Note that spring to top wishbones clearance is only 2mm or so each side which I hope will be enough but time will tell...

Here is what I did on the top mount. I welded the bracket to the chassis tube fully and then put the 25mm flat bar across the gap to form a triangle. I then put little triangles of metal in at each side and welded these to form what should be a strong structure. On the underside there was only a 10mm gap which was virtually flush once I had seam welded it so I just added some more weld until it was flush.