Cooling System Improvements

The cooling system was a bit marginal on my Meerkat RV8 so I spent some time improving the efficiency. Here are some photos with captions to elaborate. 

The Drive Home From SVA

After passing SVA I had the opportunity to legally drive the car home as I had arranged insurance as a backup plan in the event there was a problem with the trailer. My Dad had kindly offered to tow me to the test since my road car does not have a tow bar and I didn’t fancy driving a completely untested car to SVA along two motorways. Any breakdown would have been very expensive both in terms of motorway recovery and missed SVA test.

On the way home though it was different - the roads were quiet and I didn’t have to be home for any particular time. I still didn’t fancy driving on the motorway but once clear of the M77 and onto the old A77 we offloaded the car in a lay-by and I drove it the rest of the way home. Probably the most memorable car journey of my life to date... The car sounded like a world war 2 Spitfire and to say it was turning heads was an understatement. I didn’t go crazy on this, its first drive, but you could immediately tell that it was quick. It somehow didn’t seem as fast due to the lack of squat under acceleration but when you looked at the speedometer it was leaping up 20MPH at a time under even the lightest of throttle. Even in 5th gear, which is a 0.833:1 overdrive on the RV8, it was capable of throwing me back in my seat under acceleration. I remember now why I spent so long trying to squeeze a V8 into such a small car... ;-)