Sourcing Braking Parts & Recon Rear Brakes

Quick update:

Got some bits from Brakes International including: (All prices are ex vat)

•2 Caliper service kits for the Sierra rear calipers (P/N BCK4303 @ £ 8.05ea)

•1 Caliper piston (P/N BCP4308 @ £ 14.37ea) - The other piston was virtually new.

•1 Clutch slave cylinder for Rover SD1 (P/N CSC3020 @ £ 19.30ea)

•1 Fiat Uno rear brake adjustable pressure regulator (P/N HRV1013 @ £ 13.95ea

Using some of the above bits I have rebuilt my rear calipers after cleaning the bare casings up using the electrolysis method of rust removal as described elsewhere on this site. I then painted them with smootherite silver paint.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and it has worked out much much cheaper than using reconditioned calipers. Recon calipers would have cost around £ 41 + £ 25 (surcharge) + vat (£ 155 for pair) as opposed to £ 36 for the pair as above.

These calipers are not the easiest to service due to the rather inaccessible handbrake mechanism which ideally requires a special Ford spring compressor. However, with a bit on ingenuity it can be done and here is how I did it:

Follow the procedure in the Haynes manual for the general disassembly and remove the piston as directed. The mechanism inside the piston must be transferred to the new piston if you are fitting one so don't throw it away just yet! You can strip all the rubber seals away from the caliper and remove the handbrake lever spring. Now clamp the caliper in a vice at a comfortable height and with the exposed bore facing upwards. If you look inside you will see a long threaded rod with a spring and spring housing around it. This spring must be compressed before you can release the retaining circlip and this is where the fun and games begin!

What you need is a very long slender pair of circlip pliers and a nice compact spring compressor. I found that I could use the Sykes Pickavant piston windback tool with an 12mm socket between the end of the windback tool and the handbrake spring cover. I could then wedge the edge of the windback tool under the caliper body and hold it in place with a couple of tiewraps before cranking it down on the spring cover. You can then use the slim circlip pliers to release the circlips before unwinding the compressor and removing the parts.You can buy a small kit of suitable circlip pliers from Screwfix direct for just £ 7.99. The part number is 24554-53 and it can be found here.

Here's a photo of these circlip pliers.

I also got some bits from Rimmer Brothers including a clutch master cylinder repair kit, thermostat gasket, propshaft nuts and bolts and a few other bits and bobs.

Finally, some progress has been made on the chassis and the drivers seat has been fully mounted and welded into position. I have ordered another set of seat mounting rails for the passenger seat as this makes mounting the seats much easier. This should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Another update at the weekend with a bit of luck!