Windscreen Replacement


Unfortunately my windscreen got cracked just behind the automatic wiper sensor and the crack spread quickly across the screen with no chance of repair. As usual, my insurance do a fixed price screen replacement for £70 or so but that only includes a compatible screen, not a BMW original one. Since I try to use genuine parts where possible, I opted to pay an extra £125 or so to get a genuine screen.

AutoGlass of Irvine fitted it and did a great job. I was able to watch the process from about 10 feet away in reception and the fitter was very careful to avoid any damage to the car bodywork and interior. Gone are the days of kicking the old screen out thankfully!

The process took a couple of hours, the last 30 minute of which was just waiting on the adhesive to complete the curing process. The end result was really good and it was worth paying just to get rid of 5 years worth of little stone chips and scratches.